Issue 2: Contributors

For our second issue, we asked fat women and non-binary creators to give us their thoughts about the concept of “home” in relationship to joyful movement and physical activity.

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Amber Scruggs

Amber Scruggs is a writer and mother of two. She is currently writing her first full length novel, about a fat girl on an epic adventure. She’s a circle leader with the Wild Woman Project, holding monthly moon circles. When she’s not busy raising her two feminist boys she’s out in nature, hiking and kayaking in the wilds of Maine.

Anna Lee Beyer

Anna Lee Beyer is a former librarian and newspaper reporter, now writing essays about parenting, mental health, being physically active in a large body, travel, relationships, and books. Her work has appeared in Slate, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, and Motherly.

Courtney Berti

Courtney Berti graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing from Sierra Nevada College. She works as a teacher and cook in South Lake Tahoe, California.

Elizabeth Frazier

Elizabeth Frazier is a reader, writer, and editor living in the Twin Cities. She likes young adult literature, tiny houses, and using her hand as a Michigan map. She’s recently discovered the surprising joy of a good right hook.

Emily Dall'Orso

Emily Dall’Orso is a lifelong Queens, NYC girl. She spends a lot of time thinking about mental health, the New York Mets, planners, and her bearded dragon, Elle. She recently graduated with a B.A. in American identities & storytelling, and is grateful to Fatventure Mag for allowing her to tell this story.

Hedy Phillips

Hedy Phillips is a freelance writer who devotes 99% of her time to snuggling with her cats and 100% of her money to following Harry Styles around on tour. She’s always on the lookout for another slice of New York pizza and she’s never met a Starbucks drink she doesn’t like.

Kirsten Schultz

Kirsten Schultz is a writer and sex educator currently living in Wisconsin. When they’re not writing in their unicorn-covered office or busting myths about sex and disability, you can find them gaming, cooking, or snuggling their guinea pigs.

Maggie Spear

Maggie Spear is a fat desert rat living in New England. Between hiking, drawing comics, planning elaborate trips she’ll (probably) never take and periodically ripping out her hair at her job as a newspaper editor, she loves to bake complicated pastries and text her mom about dogs she saw that day.

Meg Higgins

Meg Higgins is a fabulous fat girl based in the suburbs south of Boston, MA. She is a 36 year-old therapist who loves to read, write, walk, do yoga, and loom knit. She’s recently been sidelined by post-concussion syndrome but is making slow but steady progress back to her old self. She fell deeply in love with roller derby over the summer and can’t wait to get back on skates.

Uttiya Roy

Growing up in a silent nook of India, Uttiya Roy shied away from conversations until she found that she could write. Uttiya has been an author for the most part of the last seven years, dabbling in fiction and nonfiction both. She performs poetry from time to time.


Ailish Shea

Ailish Shea is an illustrator finding her way in Boston, Massachusetts. She loves to work with ink and strives to create cartoons with personality. Sometimes she wears glasses.

Anna Aphelion

Anna Aphelion is an artist, illustrator and zinester from Sydney, Australia. They would really prefer to live in the forest and they are slightly obsessed with birds. Their art can be found in the collection of the Brooklyn Art Library and on the pages of publications like Codex RPG Zine.

Cassie Tucker

Cassie Tucker is a Baltimore-based freelance Illustrator and Designer whose work celebrates femininity in exaggerated, bold, and colorful environments.

Dhurata Mehmetaj

Dhurata Mehmetaj is a Baltimore-based illustrator, animator, and 3D-modeler whose work revolves around emotional connections and humanity. Through the development of a wide array of characters, Dhurata tells grandiose stories of worlds seen and imagined. Dhurata is always available for freelance and can be reached at

Lelia May Woods

Lelia May Woods is a visual develpment artist and illustrator currently living in LA. Lelia likes drawing trees.

Maria B Carvalho

Maria B Carvalho is a graphic designer and illustrator. Maria likes Star Trek, magical girls and typography.

Michelle Zhuang

Michelle Zhuang is an alumni from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration and minor in Creative Writing. They are very passionate about comics and illustration, and love warm colors, bad puns, and fizzy water.

Rosa Colón (Soda Pop Comics)

Rosa Colón has been self publishing comics with her partner Carla Rodríguez for ten years in San Juan, Puerto Rico as Soda Pop Comics. She is a sequential artist with an MA in Sequential Art and Design from the University of Brighton, UK and a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras. Sometimes she is a writer as well. Recently, she’s been published in The Nib, Splinter News and the Puerto Rico Strong Anthology from Lion Forge.

Sarah Stern

Sarah Stern is a comic book artist and colorist from New York. She’s the creator of the webcomic Cindersong and has worked on projects like Goldie Vance, Star Wars Adventures, Zodiac Starforce, and Rick and Morty.


Schnumn is a UK based freelance comic artist and illustrator. She loves to create introspective comics about life, love, failings and catharsis.