Issue 1: Contributors

For our first issue, we sought submissions from fat women and non-binary writers and artists who are into being active, but not into toxic weight-loss culture. To follow all of our contributors on Twitter, subscribe to our team list!


Alley Hector

Alley Hector is a writer, web developer and cyclist who has lived in Portland, OR since the dawn of queer time. Quietly genderqueer, she uses she/her pronouns for political purposes. Last summer she biked from Paris to Amsterdam on her first long-term, self-sustained bike tour. You can also find her dancing, hiking or watching a vast array of culturally diverse and genre-based television. Her writing has been appeared in in (mostly gay) publications such as The AdvocateAutostraddleNylon and the Daily Dot.

Bex vanKoot

Bex vanKoot is a journalist, essayist, photographer, and content marketer who writes about travel, culture, wellness, and identity. Their work has been widely published online and can be found here. Bex is a Canadian who lives in Oaxaca, Mexico with their mostly-feline family, and they do not ever miss the snow. They love cloud forests and ocean breezes, and despite not missing the snow, are fascinated with one day visiting Svalbard.

Christine Prevas

Christine Prevas is a writer and graduate student currently residing in Cambridge, England. Their interests include queerness, monsters, science fiction, and tabletop roleplaying games. Their writing can be found on In Full BleedPanopLit, or collected here, as well as on their biweekly actual play podcast, The Unexplored Places.

Diane Shaibu

Diane Shaibu is a fat baddie from PG County, Muurland who is currently based in New York City. When she is not freelance writing, she can be found promoting her imaginary mixtape or running nzinga.creative, an agency for independent artists of color.

Dr. Emma Beckett

Dr. Emma Beckett is a PhD qualified molecular nutritionist and postdoctoral fellow at the University of Newcastle, Australia. She has degrees in food science, biomedical science, epidemiology and science management.  Emma is also a passionate science communicator, focusing on nutrition myth-busting and consumer empowerment. She likes talking, cats, football and punk rock.

Hope Levy

Hope Levy is a writer, editor, and designer living in Portland, Oregon. She graduates with a graduate degree in book publishing in June 2018, and relishes making stories the best they can be. Her work can be found in Sibyl Literary Magazine and Cascadia Rising Review. In her free time, she enjoys walking in nearby parks and reading beautiful books.

Jacqui Deighton

Jacqui Deighton is a writer, graduate student, and educator based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her work in all three roles converges around issues of diversity, community, and the dismantling of hegemonic narratives. She loves contemporary poetry, open air gigs, and trying craft drinks.

Kathryn Kania

Kathryn Kania is a writer and teen librarian living in New England with a partner and a cat. They enjoy swing dancing, food, and storytelling of all stripes. They once saw a T-rex strip on stage and it’s all been downhill from there.

KJ Gormley

KJ Gormley is a librarian by day and writer by night. They are a digital nomad, based wherever wifi is free and seafood is good. Writing for INTOBrooklyn Magazine, Shakespeare & Punk, and others.

Meg Higgins

Meg Higgins is a fabulous fat girl based in the suburbs south of Boston, MA. She is a 35 year-old therapist who loves to read, write, walk, do yoga, and loom knit. Meg is coming back from illness and injury that have kept her from walking much or doing yoga. Meg has been writing since she was tiny and played football all through college. She is excited to unite those passions in her work for Fatventure Mag.

Monique Sheppherd

Monique Sheppherd is the creator of Wish Upon a Spoon, a chronic and mental illness blog. She is also a contributor for Sarah Scoop. Life with chronic illnesses has made her open to wherever life takes her. In her spare time, Monique enjoys curating playlists, watching nerdy TV, and all things Disney/Marvel.

Rebecca McCormick

Rebecca McCormick is a fat punk who writes young adult literature and publishes her own zine, Opinionated Nobody. She has far too many books and always wears dresses. She is a proponent of fat acceptance and often runs plus size clothes swaps in Yorkshire.

Susan Wilde

Susan Wilde transplanted herself to Ireland from the US over 20 years ago, when Ireland’s northwest kept part of her soul after a visit. She now lives in the wild western hills of county Clare with her musician partner. Here they are developing a nature-centered smallholding which supports a joyous myriad of Irish wildlife — along with their dogs: an ex-working sheepdog cleverly named Shep, and Mimì, a Christmas 2017 puppy abandoned in their lane.



Bri is a sophomore studying animation. She has a passion for music, art, plants, and incorporating bodies like hers into the work she makes!


Han is a designer and illustrator from the Poconos currently based in the Midwest, with BFAs in Fiber Arts and Graphic Design. When she isn’t illustrating or prototyping full time, she enjoys sewing, cooking, watching cartoons with her cat Mogget, reupholstering furniture, and long road trips to hike in national parks.

Jacey Chase

Jacey Chase is an independent artist and content creator. Their artwork draws inspiration from fantasy, art nouveau, cartoons and comics. They have a background in web marketing and enjoy helping other artists connect with their audience more effectively. They are currently developing several illustration series, including Cheveux de Fleur and Mermaids and Magic.

Jiji Knight

Jiji Knight is a queer illustrator in a love affair with ink, colour, and fantasy. Her body of work consists of women and pin-ups, unifying the cute and macabre, and encompassing the warmth of body positivity. She grew up in the sunny desert of Las Vegas, studied in San Francisco, and returned to her Vegas vixen roots to create her vibrant, chubby army of badass babes. ♡

Michelle Zhuang

Michelle Zhuang is an alumni from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration and minor in Creative Writing. They are very passionate about comics and illustration, and love warm colors, bad puns, and fizzy water.

Silena (Anelis) Nikolopoulou

Silena (Anelis) Nikolopoulou is a fat, queer artist based in Greece. Graduate of the Athens School of Fine arts and self-taught stop-motion animator, she creates music videos for bands, illustrations for feminist articles and portrait paintings.

Parker Goodreau

Parker Goodreau is a writer and illustrator from New England. Most of their work involves queer themes, fantasy, and characters who make poor decisions. They like the ocean, horseback riding, and losing at sports, since that is the only way they know how to play sports.

Rose "Honeyboy" Morris

Rose “Honeyboy” Morris is a lifelong Floridian, former art student, and current art school dropout. Her illustration work focuses on alienation, mental illness, and punk rock. Was once described as “a child prodigy, ten years later“. You can find and support her work here. Please be nice to her.

Sarah Winifred Searle

Sarah Winifred Searle originally hails from spooky New England but currently lives in sunny Perth, Australia, which confuses her gothic nature. She writes and draws comics inspired by intimacy of all sorts, history, and the need for better diversity in media. Current projects include Sincerely, Harriet and Sparks.

Sonaksha Iyengar

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Sonaksha Iyengar is an illustrator, writer and artist working primarily through digital art and watercolour. Along with writing content in the space of art and design, she also specialises in book design. She is personally interested in exploring questions of mental health, self care, body image and body positivity. Her work has been featured across the globe on platforms like BuzzfeedAl JazeeraHuffington PostMashable, and elsewhere.

Sonia Hupfeld

Sonia Hupfeld is a non-binary, queer designer and illustrator based out of Cary, North Carolina. They enjoy cooking, hiking, camping, and shamelessly binge-watching shows on Netflix with their partner and cat (though the cat chooses to pass on the camping trips). One day they will have made a sizeable dent in their long bucket list but for now they’re content with learning and creating something new every day.