Regarding Kickstarter’s Current Anti-Union Stance

Regarding Kickstarter’s current anti-union stance and the push to recognize Kickstarter United, a statement from Editor In Chief Samantha Puc:

Thanks to Kickstarter, we’ve raised more than $29,000 toward this project over the course of two campaigns, which is far more than we ever could have expected. Fatventure Mag could not exist without Kickstarter. Through this crowdfunding platform, we have funded two print issues and paid more than two dozen fat creators to speak their truths in a world that would rather see us dead than thriving. I am especially grateful for Kickstarter and the opportunities we have been afforded through working with them to make this zine a reality.

Today, I am asking Kickstarter management to reinstate its wrongfully-terminated employees and recognize its employees’ union. I stand in solidarity with Kickstarter United and believe that workers deserve basic protections. This means that I will follow the union’s lead on interacting with Kickstarter, and will encourage others to do the same. This also means that if the union calls for a boycott, I will not cross the picket line.

Kickstarter management, please do the right thing. We are all counting on you.

To learn more about Kickstarter United and take action, click here.