Pre-Order Fatventure Mag, Vol. 2 Today & Help Us Reprint Vol. 1!

Time for a major update! First and foremost: we successfully completed the Kickstarter campaign for Fatventure Mag, Vol. 2 in April, raising over $12,000 to make our new issue a reality. That’s amazing! Several people reached out during the campaign and after to ask if we would be working with a service like BackerKit to enable adding-on certain products to final orders. Good news: we’re totally working with BackerKit!

In addition to releasing surveys to our Kickstarter backers through this service, we’ve also opened pre-orders for anyone who did not back the campaign, but still wants to snag pins, patches, stickers, or copies of the zine.

We also set a pre-order goal to reprint Fatventure Mag, Vol. 1, which is currently sold out! If we get at least 150 orders of the first issue over the course of the next two months, we can reprint, meaning more people can grab a copy for themselves and their communities!*

Cover Art by Rose “Honeyboy” Morris || Design by Carrie Alyson

Cover art by Sarah Stern

We still have pins, patches and bandanas (!!) for sale in our online shop, as well. Proceeds go toward paying our artists, writers and editors, as well as cost of printing and shipping. 25% of the proceeds from issue sales go to Gender Is Over – If You Want It!, LTD, a 501(c)(3) New York based organization that supports the fight for gender self-determination and body sovereignty through community building, retail sales, events and charitable giveaways.

Thank you for your continued support of Fatventure Mag! Stay tuned for more!

*If you are a retailer or community organizer interested in bulk-ordering issues of Fatventure Mag, send us an email at to discuss pricing.