Jude Valentin Joins Fatventure Mag As Social Media Manager

We are thrilled to introduce Jude Valentin, Fatventure Mag‘s new social media manager.

As Fatventure Mag dives headfirst into its second year of production, we are welcoming a new face to the team: Jude Valentin, a self-described, self-motivated content creator and activist whose social media campaign #NotYourBefore went viral in 2018. Valentin uses their platform to “initiate conversations that people are too scared to have — typically about body politics, pop culture rep, fat acceptance” and more.

“I am so excited to be joining the Fatventure Mag team and bringing some more fat babes into the Fatventurers community,” Valentin says. “Fatventure Mag is a project that is game-changing and I am so so excited to see how we can grow together.”

Valentin was awarded a VidCon Creator Grant in 2018 to help her expand her YouTube channel, where she talks about fat acceptance, social justice, pop culture and more. In addition to doing integral work for the fat community online, Valentin is also a photographer. They are currently based in New York.

To learn more about Jude Valentin, see the links below and stay tuned for more from Fatventure Mag.