We’re Stoked About Life Beyond the Binary, A New Zine from riotcakes founder Darcy Quinn

If you’re into the content that we produce here at Fatventure Mag, we’d like to bet that you would also be into content our readers and supporters are producing, too. Today we’re shining a spotlight on Life Beyond the Binary, a new zine by riotcakes founder Darcy Quinn that explores the question, “What does non-binary look like?”

Page from Life Beyond the Binary. Courtesy of Darcy Quinn/riotcakes.

From the official press release: “Dismayed by the lack of representation of non-binary individuals like themselves, Darcy opened up applications for non-binary people to take part in a portrait zine. The zine is filled with 30 portraits, all drawn by Darcy Quinn, to show the many faces of life outside of the binary. Each portrait is accompanied by a short bio text written by the participants themselves. This zine offers a unique perspective that depicts non-binary people authentically, in their own words, through the artistic expression of someone who shares this identity. Applications were open to anyone who identifies as part of the non-binary umbrella. Especially encouraged to apply were further marginalised identities, like people of colour, as well as people who are disabled, neurodivergent, autistic, fat, or otherwise underrepresented.”

Quinn created Life Beyond the Binary to advocate for non-binary visibility, with a focus on the fact that not all non-binary people are the same, in appearance, experiences, interests, or otherwise. As noted in the press release, non-binary bodies are typically presented as white, straight-sized, and able-bodied — but this cuts out the many and varied lived experiences of non-binary people all over the world.

“I myself am white and very privileged because of that, which made it all the more important for me to communicate with my participants to ensure I am depicting them in a way that honours them,” Quinn said in a statement.

“I’m a queer, non-binary, chronically ill, anxious nerd,” Quinn added in an email to Fatventure Mag. “From my art to my business I’m entirely self-taught, but I decided to overcome my creative insecurities to create this zine.”

The Life Beyond the Binary zine is available now at riotcakes.com and in select stores, which are listed on Quinn’s website. An accompanying sticker set can also be purchased to spread positive non-binary awareness.