OMG, the Fatventure Mag Vol. 1 Launch Party Was Amazing!

On Saturday, Nov. 3, we did something pretty incredible: hosted a launch party for Fatventure Mag, Vol. 1, at Bluestockings Bookstore, Café & Activist Center in New York City! It was our first issue’s big debut and the turnout was frankly incredible — so many people came out to support the zine, hear us read, and learn more about the project. We cannot put into words how grateful we are.

But we can surely try.

In case you couldn’t make it to the launch party, here’s a quick summary of what happened:

  • After Bluestockings volunteer Mandy introduced the space, the Fatventure Mag co-creators (that’s us! Samantha and Alice!) introduced impetus behind the zine, talked about the overwhelming support we received on our Kickstarter that launched in May, and gushed about how beautiful the first issue is.
  • Samantha read her letter from the editor (which was previously published on BUST Magazine) and Alice read her letter from the editor, as well.
  • Vol. 1 interviewee Vanessa Friedman read a 2017 piece she wrote for SHAPE Magazine about why she left the Pacific Crest Trail after hiking 454 miles — a piece she described to the audience as a “precursor” to the more in-depth essay she later wrote for Autostraddle.
  • Party-goers (which included Vol. 1 contributing artists Jacey Chase and Sonia Hupfeld!) were encouraged to mingle, buy copies of Fatventure Mag, snag some embroidered patches, and hang out to ask questions or make other purchases from Bluestockings.
  • Samantha and new social media manager Danny Cassou also curated a playlist for the party, which you can listen to on Spotify — it’s best experienced on shuffle!

Some words from editor in chief Samantha Puc:

Damn, y’all. I truly do not have words for how grateful I am that so many people have supported this endeavor since the beginning. So many of you came to our launch party on Saturday and it was so humbling to stand in front of you and read from our first issue — which is real! It exists in the world! I’m still not over that at all.

I loved getting to meet you, chat with you, hear your thoughts on Fatventure Mag and bodies and outdoorsy activities. Some of you opened up about your own experiences growing up in our obsessive diet culture; some of you thanked me and Alice and Vanessa for opening up about ours. As the night went on, the ball of anxiety that sat in my chest before people started to arrive totally dissipated. It was replaced by a big, brimming, joyful ball of light that’s still there as I write this, two days later, totally in awe of each one of you.

Thank you. We literally wouldn’t be here without you. I’m ridiculously excited to get the ball rolling on Vol. 2 and to see how much higher Fatventure Mag can climb. We’re just getting started, which is an overwhelming and incredible feeling.

Samantha Puc reads for the audience at the Fatventure Mag, Vol. 1 launch party. Photo: Taylor Kraus

Some words from associate editor Alice Lesperance:

I still can’t believe that Saturday night happened. We were in New York, at a bookstore that I’ve loved since I was 14, introducing to the world a magazine that we created. Wild, absolutely wild. I am so thankful to Bluestockings for hosting our launch party, for all of the good and necessary work they do. I’m thankful to all of the people who showed up for us, to hear our words and share their own. And I’m thankful to Sam and the rest of the Fatventure Mag team for making this whole thing a reality.

One thing I’ll always remember about our launch party is feeling so nervous before getting in front of that microphone, but then feeling so calm and seen when I saw the faces in front of me. Fatventure Mag exists for you, and because of you. We made it together, all of us. Thank you so much for your support.

Alice Lesperance & Vanessa Friedman pose for a photo at the Fatventure Mag, Vol. 1 launch party. Photo: Taylor Kraus

If you live in New York and want to purchase a copy of Fatventure Mag, Vol. 1, you can do so at Bluestockings Bookstore, Café & Activist Center, located at 172 Allen St. To order a copy online, visit our shop! 25% of the proceeds from issue sales will be donated to Gender Is Over – If You Want It!, LTD to support grassroots efforts for furthering trans rights.