Fatventure Mag Partners with Gender Is Over – If You Want It!, LTD to Support Trans Rights

In light of the U.S. government’s continuous and unending assault on civil rights for trans people, Fatventure Mag is partnering with Gender Is Over – If You Want It!, LTD, a 501(c)(3) New York based organization that supports the fight for gender self-determination and body sovereignty through community building, retail sales, events and charitable giveaways.

Starting today, Monday, Oct. 29, 2018, 25% of all Fatventure Mag issue sales — through our website and stockists (TBA) — will be donated directly to If You Want It! as a show of solidarity and support for our trans siblings-in-arms.

Fatventure Mag is partnering with Gender Is Over - If You Want It!, LTD to support trans rights

If You Want It! “envision[s] a future wherein coercive gendering ceases to exist; a world where individuals of every gender feel self-determination and body sovereignty in both their expression and in their communities.”

From its onset, Fatventure Mag has sought to be an inclusive space for fat women and non-binary or gender-nonconforming creators — people we believe are most often left out of active and outdoors spaces, whether intentionally or not. We strive to be intersectional in our mission statement and execution, which includes standing up for marginalized people whenever and however we can.

To purchase a physical copy of our first issue, which will be delivered in November, click here. You’ll receive a free PDF download of the issue that you can read immediately.

If you backed us on Kickstarter or pre-ordered your issue already but would still like to make a monetary donation to If You Want It!, you can purchase or donate through their website by clicking this link.

To learn more about Gender Is Over – If You Want It!, LTD, visit their website and be sure to follow them at the social media links below: