Kickstarter Update: $10K and a Cool New Perk


With just 6 days left in our Kickstarter campaign, we’ve nearly reached our $12k goal! Fatventure Mag has received such widespread support over the last month, and we honestly never could have predicted how many people would feel a connection to and a need for this zine to become a reality. We are so close to making that happen, but we still need your help!

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Now for that announcement we’ve been promising…

If you have cash to spare, please consider making a pledge to help us reach our goal! Just $5 gets you a digital copy of the zine delivered straight to your inbox this fall, or if you donate at least $15 you get digital and physical copies, as well as a bunch of cool swag.

We’ve been teasing a special perk announcement for about a week now. Well, y’all have pledged over $10,000 to make Fatventure Mag‘s first issue a tangible zine, so it’s only fair that we hold up our end of the bargain, too. Right?

In addition to zine copies, stickers, temporary tattoos, your name in our first issue, water bottles, art prints, and bandanas, we’re excited to announce that if you pledge at least $15 to the Fatventure Mag Kickstarter campaign, you’ll also receive this embroidered patch:

This perk is available to anyone and everyone who has pledged at least $15 (and claimed a reward tier) or who plans to pledge at least $15 (and claim a reward tier)! That means it’s available to $15, $20, $35, $60, and $80 reward tier backers!

In case you missed it, the hashtag comes from Ashley C. Ford:

Don’t forget, we have a STRETCH GOAL for $15,000!

If we surpass our initial goal by at least $3,000, we’ll unveil this enamel pin!

We’ve also got a $13,000 STRETCH GOAL to announce… Stay tuned!