Special Announcement: Fatventure Mag Cover Art Reveal!

We promised we’d do a Fatventure Mag cover art reveal when we reached the halfway mark on Kickstarter…

And guess what? IT’S TIME FOR THE REVEAL! Just 13 days into our month-long Kickstarter campaign, we’ve surpassed $6,000 in pledges!!! That’s incredible and we cannot thank you enough for your support, whether you pledged, shared the link, followed us on social media, suggested our campaign to someone you know, or some combination of the above!

Fatventure Mag means so much to us all, and we are obsessed with the first issue cover art illustrated by Rose “Honeyboy” Morris. So, without further ado…

How much do you love this fat, kayaking babe?!

We’re halfway to fulfilling our Kickstarter goal! If we surpass $12,000, we have some stretch goal perks that we think you’ll love! Please continue pledging, sharing, and talking about Fatventure Mag — and our cover art, if you like!

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