Fatventure Mag Announcement: Chatting with Jesse Amesmith

Are you as excited as we are for the first issue of Fatventure Mag?

We hope you are! We recently shared an excerpt from co-creator Samantha Puc’s hour-long interview with yoga instructor, body positivity advocate, and author Jessamyn Stanley. We also announced our first issue contributors and promised we’d reveal our cover art by Rose “Honeyboy” Morris when we reach the halfway mark on Kickstarter — which is now just $209 away!

Today, we’ve got another awesome content announcement for you! In addition to interviews with Jessamyn Stanley and queer, feminist writer Vanessa Friedman, we’ll be featuring an interview with Jesse Amesmith, a.k.a. Good Witch Yoga.

Amesmith has previously been featured in Paper and elsewhere. In the Paper interview with Meredith Graves, Amesmith said that one of the biggest misconceptions about yoga is that only certain kinds of people can do it — something we all know is absolute bullshit.

“All body types can benefit from tuning in and paying attention,” Amesmith said. “Some of the most beautiful practices I’ve seen come from bodies that you would not expect to be doing yoga, because there is no type of body that does yoga. It doesn’t matter if you’re fat, thin, strong, if you have big thighs or strong arms or a lot of belly or no boobs — It really doesn’t matter. Different poses are going to speak to you differently.”

Stay tuned for a sneak peek of our interview with Jesse Amesmith!

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* The featured photo is from Amesmith’s Instagram account. The photo is by @ananamon.