Kickstarter Sneak Peeks

We’ve got Fatventure Mag swag!


If you follow Fatventure Mag on Twitter, you already know that we’ve been revealing some of the Kickstarter perks we are offering backers in our upcoming campaign! If you don’t follow us on Twitter, what the heck are you doing? You’re missing out!

As we rev up for our Kickstarter launch on May 4 (just FOUR DAYS from now!!!), we’re so excited that we can barely contain ourselves. And since the majority of our followers voted to see some perks early, who are we to say no?

Our design editor, Carrie Alyson, has been working hard to create these kickass products for potential backers to snag when you support our Kickstarter campaign.

Here are the Kickstarter perks we’ve revealed so far…

We asked you to vote for your favorite bandana colors, and the majority of you opted for that classic navy blue fabric with white design work. Bandanas are super multifunctional, which makes them ideal for all kinds of activities! Whether you need to tie back your hair, mop sweat off your brow, protect a healing tattoo from exposure to the sun, temporarily dress a wound, or just look super cute, this is the perfect accessory.

Plus, you can dress up your Fatventure Mag-supporting pets and then send us pictures, which is a bonus for everyone. Right?

We love color coordination, but more importantly, we love hydration. This stainless steel Fatventure Mag water bottle comes equipped with a carabiner for easy attaching and it will keep your water bug-free while you’re out in the world. Whether you need a new reusable water bottle, you want to start using one, or you want to add to your collection, this navy blue beauty is ideal.

WHO DOESN’T LOVE STICKERS? We can think of at least 12 places where this sticker would look fantastic, and we’re sure you can think of a few more.

There are more Kickstarter perks to come!

We don’t want to give everything away. We’ll also be revealing our cover art by Rose M. Honeyboy, so be sure to follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss a single thing!